About Us



Tracing our roots to our humble traditional coffeshop nestled in the heart of bustling Seremban town in 1951, our coffee was well-enjoyed and cherished by our loyal customers and friends from all walks of life. Although our Majestic Hainana Roasted Coffee is crafted with our same closely guarded family recipe to create a timeless cup of coffee which tastes the same with the one we have been making for years, we strive to create a better coffee with constant innovation. In line with our product innovation, we have significantly reduced sugar content in our coffee through Majestic Hainan Roasted Coffee while maintaining the same lovely sweetness in each cup of our coffee to suit our new-age health conscious lifestyle.
Our brand name is a classic signature of where our brewing expertise is still a family tradition which each generation adds a little personality to the coffee roast, while still keeping the original essence alive for everyone to enjoy. Our coffee is a story of old tradition embracing the new world style to create a new coffee-drinking experience filled with the contemporary taste with authentic tradition.




Our Majestic Hainan Roasted Coffee is a special roast of coffe prepared using methods that celebrate  both elements of modern approaches and traditional Malaysian brewing practices. Our coffee is made from the finest premium quality Arabica and Robusta roast beans consisting of carefully selected superior beans from leading coffee plantations around the world. Because of this thorough care in selection, our coffee exudes an intense flavour of rich Arabica & Robusia beans mellowed by a tease of cream on the palate. Delicately brewed with a blend of low sugar and non-dairy creamer, our coffee delivers the exquisite freshness of traditional aromas with a bold and memorable coffee-drinking experience. With the benefit of reduced sugar content, our coffee promotes the goodness of a healty lifestyle.






Majestic Hainan Roasted Coffee kami adalah panggangan kopi istimewa yang disediakan menggunakan satu kaedah yang unik yang menggabungkan unsur pendekatan moden dengan amalan membru traditional di Malaysia. Campuran segera kopi kami diperbuat daripada biji kopi panggang premium Arabica dan Robusta yang paling berkualiti dan dipilih secara teliti dari ladang-ladang kopi yang terkenal di seluruh dunia. Melalui pemilihan biji kopi yang teliti ini, kopi kami amat kaya dengan aroma Arabica & Robusta yang berpadu dengan rasa krim yang lembut dan halus bak sutera. Dengan manfaat kandungan gula yang rendah dan krimer bukan tenusu, kopi kami memberikan kesegaran aroma tradisional yang istimewa sambil menggalakkan kenikmatam cara hidup yang sihat pada setiap masa.